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SunRub® raw materials for the rubber industry

The SunTechem Solutions s.r.o. Company custom-makes raw materials for the rubber industry supplied under the SunRub® trade name. We mainly focus on treatment of vulcanization agents, vulcanization accelerators and activators as dust-free, in the field of raw materials for the rubber industry.

Technical sheets for all SunRub® products are executed and supplied on request, as well as safety sheets with the first delivery. In the event that this concerns ADR material, this is supplied in the appropriate national language. Certification guaranteeing the consistency of the product with the declared parameters in the technical sheet is supplied with each delivery.

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Summary of SunRub® products

GroupTrade nameDescription, use
Thiazoles SunRub®MBT/O-1
Medium fast, acidic, low-module accelerator, suitable for natural and synthetic rubber. Can be used in a wide range of temperatures from 120°C to 160°C. Used in mixtures for tyres, industrial rubber, conveyer belts, hoses, footwear, flooring, etc. Is not suitable for food or medical grade rubber.
Thiazoles SunRub®MBTS/O-1
Medium fast, acidic, low-module accelerator. Has a higher critical temperature than MBT, so is safer during processing. It demonstrates the same activity as MBT over 135°C. Vulcanization is distinguished by excellent resistance to aging. Used similarly to MBT where increased safety is required during processing.
Thiazoles SunRub®MBS/PG
Rapid, high-module accelerator with delayed effect, giving the vulcanised material excellent mechanical and dynamic properties and resistance to aging. Is used similarly to CBS, mainly where increased processing safety is required.
Sulfenamides SunRub®CBS
A rapid, high-module accelerator with delayed effect. It is very safe during processing, and is very effective at temperatures above 135°. It can be used for mixtures with a large content of soot, with light active fillers or with regenerate. It is suitable for solid products produced by pressing or in steam. The vulcanised material’s resistance to aging is very good. It gives the vulcanised material excellent dynamic properties. 
Sulfenamides SunRub®TBBS/EG-8 A rapid, high-module accelerator with a processing safety level between CBS and MOR. Is used during the manufacture of tyres, dynamically stressed products, industrial rubber, hoses and cables.
Thiurams SunRub®TMTD/WG-80
A medium-fast module accelerator with a steep vulcanization curve in mixtures with standard doses of sulphur, with a very flat curve in low-sulphur, sulphur-free mixtures. Does not require activation, but is a very good activator itself. Is used for rapid vulcanization of industrial products, e.g., during the production of transparent and food-grade rubbers, flooring, electric wire insulation, generally for vulcanization in hot air.
Thiurams SunRub®TMTM/EG-80 Medium-fast module accelerator, the safest of the thiuram series. Typically used in mixtures for producing transparent, foam and surgical grade rubber and in the field of paints.
Thiurams SunRub®TETD/EG-80 Medium-fast accelerator with a steep curve in mixtures containing sulphur. The vulcanised materials have good resistance to aging and excellent resistance to increased temperatures.
Thiurams SunRub®DPTT/EG-75 A secondary accelerator with TMTD, providing rubber with good resistance to aging. It ensures good processing safety in sulphur-free mixtures.
Thiurams SunRub®TBzTD/EG-70 Recommended as a primary or secondary accelerator in mixtures based on NR, SBR and NBR, it acts as a vulcanization retarder in CR mixtures. It is used during the production of industrial rubber resistant to high temperatures, el. wire insulation and cable sheaths.
Dithiocarbamates SunRub®ZDEC/EG-75 A medium-fast module ultra-accelerator, very active at temperatures between 90°- 100°C. Is used as a primary accelerator for latex mixtures, combined with other agents it achieves short vulcanization times and rapid onset of vulcanization in dry mixtures in hot air or steam.
Dithiocarbamates SunRub®ZDBC/EG-75 Medium-module ultra-accelerator, also effective in the absence of vulcanization activators at temperatures between 95°- 120°C. Also used as a primary and secondary accelerator in dry and latex rubber mixtures during the production of white or light-coloured goods, food grade rubber, cable sheathes, dipped goods, foam rubber and adhesives.
Dithiocarbamates SunRub®ZDMC/EG-70 Medium-module ultra-accelerator. Very active at temperatures above 90 - 100°C. Mainly used in latex mixtures and cements, in combination with other agents in so-called self-vulcanization mixtures, short vulcanization time and rapid onset of vulcanization during vulcanization using hot air and team. Used in transparent and light-coloured products, dipped goods, paints and cables.
Dithiocarbamates SunRub®ZBPD/EG-50 Very rapid accelerator mainly for EPDM and also for other rubbers vulcanised using sulphur, active in mixtures filled with mineral fillers and soot. Greatly improves resistance to reversion.
Dithiocarbamates SunRub®ZBEC/EG-75 Ultra-accelerator with a relatively low critical temperature. During vulcanization below 120°C it makes rubber mixtures safer for processing for a longer period than other dithiocarbamates. It is mainly used for NR and SBR latexes and solutions based on these.
Dithiocarbamates SunRub®TDEC/EG-75 This is a suitable primary and secondary accelerator of sulphur vulcanization of latex and dry mixtures based on NR, SBR, NBR IIR and EPDM intended for producing pressed and extruded industrial rubbers.
Guanidines SunRub®DPG/EG-70 An alkali and fairly safe accelerator. Active at temperatures above 135°C and up to 160°C. Increases rubber module, makes it highly rigid and gives it good dynamic properties. Can be used alone for making hard rubber or in combination with other agents for industrial rubber and footwear.
Thioureas SunRub®ETU/EG-80 In G type CR mixtures, this is an ultra-rapid and sufficiently safe accelerator, in W type CR mixtures it is distinguished by its short safe processing time. Vulcanised materials have excellent resistance to aging.
Thioureas SunRub®DETU/EG-80 Accelerator for CR (W type), more active than dibutylthiourea. Secondary accelerator for NR, SBR, NBR, EPDM and CIIR, where it is also active as an antiozonant. It gives the vulcanised material excellent resistance to permanent deformation.
Thioureas SunRub®HMT/O-3
A very slow, basal, low-module accelerator, safe for processing. It is used to activate Thiazole and Thiuram. It is a very rapid accelerator for CR rubber. It is only used very infrequently for example for transparent mixtures, a new use is in HRS systems for linking rubber directly to fabric or other reinforced materials.
Antidegradants SunRub®IPPD/PG A very effective anti-degradant for natural and synthetic rubber.
Antidegradants SunRub®6PPD/PG A strong anti-oxidant and antiozonant for natural and synthetic rubbers. It protects products during static and dynamic stress.
Antidegradants SunRub®TMQ/PG An anti-oxidant mainly used for stabilisation.
Curing Agents SunRub®IS/EG-67
Non-soluble sulphur is used as a vulcanization agent. It contains polymer sulphur, which is insoluble in rubber, therefore, it does not generate a surface bloom on the vulcanised material. Due to this property, it is used in mixtures in which a bloom would have a negative impact on the required tackification, in surface application and highly filled rubber mixtures.
Curing Agents SunRub®IS/0-33 A vulcanization agent for rubber mixtures. It is insoluble in rubber, therefore, it does not generate a bloom. It is used in mixtures for tyres, conveyor belts, retread mixtures, built-in hoses, etc.
Curing Agents SunRub®SIS/O-20
A mixture of soluble and insoluble sulphur. The sulphur is used as a vulcanization agent. It contains polymer sulphur, which is insoluble in rubber, which means it does not generate a bloom on the surface of the vulcanised material. Due to this property, it is used in mixtures in which a bloom would have a negative impact on the required tackification, in surface application and highly filled rubber mixtures.
Curing Agents SunRub®S/O-1
Vulcanization agent for mixtures based on natural and synthetic rubbers. The lubricated version reduces the risk of self-combustion, reduces health risks and reduces losses during handling. The pelletized version improves the effectiveness of the mixing process.
Retarders SunRub®CTP/EG-50
Vulcanization inhibitor for natural and synthetic mixtures.
Retarders SunRub®Sb2O3
Fire retarder for all types of fire-resistant products.
Vulcanizing Agents SunRub®DTDM/EG-80 Non-colouring door sulphur for the vulcanization of mixtures based on natural and synthetic rubbers. Specially designed for NBR mixtures.
Vulcanizing Agents SunRub®ZnO/WG-80
Vulcanization activator used in mixtures based on NR and synthetic rubbers.
Vulcanizing Agents SunRub®MgO/EG-50 Vulcanization activator partially suitable for CR rubbers and adhesives.

If you require the production of a type not specified above, please contact us.


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